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MOC assistance (Maintenance in Operational Conditions), a full range of services.




Because effective instruction requires personalized support in all phases of product use, GDI Simulation provides a team of experts who will assist you in the training centers before, during and after the Armed Forces exercises’. This proximity is reflected by the setup of 3 support hubs in the military camps of Mailly, Sissonne and Canjuers. These workshops serve as preparation hubs for all rotation support personnel, but also as repair and storage sites for the maintenance of simulation gears deployed among the Armed Forces. These support services have been developed to enable Armed Forces to become familiar with our simulators and quickly master our products’ technical specifications. 


This support includes:

>Custom-made training

>Support to training session

>Support for garrison training exercises

>User technical support

>Preventive and curative maintenance of our simulators

>Dismantling of outdated products


This support pack aims to relieve the Armed Forces from all logistical constraints during training exercises.
This is a real “turnkey” service to facilitate training management and be guarantee satisfaction.
Our proximity to the regiments allows us to be ever more responsive to your changing needs and develop an appropriate response to your expectations.