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    GDI Simulation is at the service of the Armed forces and security forces all over the world to increase their operational efficiency.
    Its main mission is to prepare soldiers for the challenges they will face today and into the future by training them in conditions as close as possible to the reality on the ground, with a range of simulators that incorporate the very latest technological developments.



    Our driving force Anticipating through innovation


    GDI Simulation places innovation at the heart of its Research and Development activities taking from numerous areas of scientific expertise :

    • System engineering,
    • Optronics and imaging,
    • Micromechanics and software.

    Our engineers have integrated numerous cutting edge technologies into our simulators to address the technological developments of weapon systems and operational changes among armed forces : augmented reality, computer graphics, digital technologies to simulate shooting beyond direct line of sight…
    These new technologies enable the armed forces to be directly operational in combat situations and to have had an initial experience of the constraints they will be exposed to in the field.


    Industrialisation and production :


    GDI Simulation aims to perform all integration processes, from subsystems to the final product.
    Our simulators are designed to have the ability to integrate new technological developments over the coming years.


    Our commitment : clean and sustainable production :


     Certified ISO 9001 & AQAP 2110, GDI Simulation maintains a quality approach with the desire to minimise its environmental impact. Its products integrate the very latest environmental standards and directives (RoHS, REACH, WEEE).



    “ORM” (Operational Readiness Maintenance) assistance, a full range of services.


    Because effective instruction requires support throughout all product handling and learning phases, GDI Simulation places an expert team at your disposal to assist you in training centres before, during and after Armed Forces drills.
    This presence can be seen in the three support points in the Mailly, Sissonne and Canjuers camps. These workshops are used to prepare personnel deployed to assist rotations, but also as repair and storage sites to maintain the simulation resources deployed for the Armed forces.
    These support services have been developed to enable the armed forces to become very familiar with our simulators and rapidly master all the technical specificities of the product.
    This support includes :

    • Customised training
    • Rotation assistance
    • Support for garrison-based training drills
    • User technical support
    • Preventive and corrective maintenance of our simulators.
    • The dismantling of our products that are at the end of their lives

    This support pack aims to free up the Armed Forces from all logistical constraints involved in drills. This service is a genuine “turnkey” solution to facilitate everyone’s logistics and be a guarantee of satisfaction. Our close relations with the regiments enable us to be ever more responsive to your changing needs and develop an appropriate response to your demands.