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    For over 65 years, GDI Simulation has delivered over 9,000 simulators faithfully reproducing the workings of real weapons systems. They have enabled thousands of soldiers to be trained and to practice in conditions ever closer to the reality on the ground. 

    GDI Simulation has earned the trust of its customers by offering open-ended and scalable teaching and training solutions that meet their needs.
    The close relations we maintain with each of our customers enable us to remain tuned in to their precise needs. This accessibility is a guarantee of efficiency and responsiveness when addressing all the challenges that the Armed Forces have to face during military preparedness drills.

    The staff in the CENTAC and CENZUB training centres and in the regiments have placed their trust in us for over 30 years.  Our simulators have enabled them to maintain and improve their operational capabilities by perfecting their combat firing techniques and tactics.



    Read the testimonies below to see why they opted for GDI Simulation.


    • Edouard Collinet de La Salle

    Battalion commander and head of the CENZUB Simulation centre
    Uses CMT, B2M CFS, XL S2 CFS, ERYX CFS, MILAN CFS and DX 175.

    « The benefits of GDI products are without doubt reliability, simplicity and above all efficiency. The simulators are exactly what we are looking for, in particular the high level of ergonomics achieved through effective miniaturization of GDI technology. Giving concrete shape to the effects of the shots fired by our weapons during tactical training manoeuvres is impossible without the use of simulators, this is why GDI products are so useful in that they address this need. They perfectly round off the panoply of operational preparation tools required and as such they are now indispensable.
    In addition to seeing the effects of the weapons, we must train our soldiers in accordance with the saying « Train as you fight. » Thus, the use of the simulator must not interfere with the use of the weapon and this possibility is provided by GDI’s devices since they enable our soldiers to apply the real gestures. So they meet our current needs.
    Our future needs will be for a simplification of materials and increased digitization, technological challenges we feel GDI are capable of taking up. »

    • Jean-Marie Nicklaus

    Director of UK-FR Anti-Surface Short Range Programmes at MBDA
    Uses the MILAN, MILAN ER and GTS-CFS simulators for the MMP system

    « We chose GDI Simulation because they are one of the leaders in the field of ground combat weapons system simulators. They have tried and tested expertise and an excellent reputation among operational users. The representativeness of their simulators enhances the effectiveness of the training by minimizing the number of live rounds fired which is crucial in a tight budget context. We also appreciate their operational availability that is essential for the nominal running of training campaigns. Whether indoors on in the field, their simulators provide a level of realism that enables students to have a « standard » use of the weapons system the simulators replace.
    GDI’s efforts to integrate cutting edge technology in the most cost-efficient manner will enable the highly demanding digital imaging simulation needs of future generation weapon systems to be addressed. »