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  • Behaviour and Gunnery Training Simulators




    Behaviour training simulators offer a double competence. They have been devised for:


    >Training in shooting and weapon handling for security forces.

    >The approach to high-risk behavioural situations.


    These simulators are intended for police forces or private companies. This preparation will enable them to have a better approach to these situations and to adopt the best strategies once on the ground. Your agents will be better prepared both operationally and psychologically. This training will have the effect of strongly reducing collateral damage in real situations (logistical problems, firing errors, etc.)




    Virtual shooting at digital targets offers training in conditions similar to those in a real shooting range with the flexibility and modularity of a virtual solution. It thus enables training costs to be rationalized since no real ammunition is used without however sacrificing a high level of realism and great ease of installation (no need to adapt infrastructures).






    Virtual Shooting Range simulator (VSR)





    The Virtual Shooting Range simulator allows you to safely learn to manipulate and set-up a real weapon and emphasizes the precautionary measures related to weapon safety.




    2 operating methods: technical and behavioural

    Wide range of scenarios

    Handling and control of a real firearm

    Precision shooting at digital targets

    Training in intervention procedures

    Practice of warnings and shooting legitimacy

    Decision support


    Download our detailed brochure on VSR